When being bad is a great thing.

Here at Australia’s Got No Talent we’re all for equal opportunity – so go on and make a fool of yourself or nominate someone you know whose eager to show the world they have no talent (or they believe they do and we know they don’t).

Showcasing acts to hang your head and cry, or roar with laughter, is what we’re all about. Australia’s Got No Talent is your very own anti-talent show. Our audience want to see untalented people deliver the worst possible acts and in the process entertain, enthral, and hopefully produce a round of thunderous applause at the end – even though they’re probably laughing at you not with you.

Sign up for a talentless audition.

You’ll never ever know, if you never ever go (or something like that). We need lots of talentless folk to strut their stuff on stage – so if you haven’t got what it takes send us your details.

Better still, if you have a photo or video of you acting talentless then send that through as well. You can either attached it to this page’s contact details form (see below) or email us direct at info@AustraliasGotNoTalent.com.au. Better still, if it’s already online (like on YouTube) then send us a link so we can check it out and get back to you.

Roll up, roll up.

So where do you go to see Australia’s Got No Talent? We will be putting on talentless shows right across Victoria at numerous ALH venues – so there’s sure to be a stage full of no-hopers close by.

A great way to enjoy the lack of talent is to make a night of it. Many of the ALH venues will be offering meal and drink deals so gather a group of family and friends and come along for some very light entertainment.

You don’t need talent for this talent show…

Enough said.

Even if you think you have talent I’m sure there’s people out there – like our judges – who think you don’t. So prove them right: sign up, get on stage, and maybe win fame and fortune!

Contact us.

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